About IceHockeyPro


ICE HOCKEY PRO is an embodiment of world class hockey programs based on the innovational methods in developing players skills.
Direction and style of our practice bears a speed-power character.
SPEED, POWER and SKILLS – these are the three components of modern hockey, which are used
our coaching team under the guidance of Head coach Maxim Ivanov.Our main goal is to perfect the directions of the practice process.

In his practice system, Maxim constantly implements momentary processing of elements, those that are more relevant to today’s hockey and hockey of the future.

The uniqueness of ICE HOCKEY PRO program is in presence of a well-balanced sport base, which promotes successful development of each hockey player. At the same time, in our work we pay a special attention to personal approach to each and every player.

The hockey players will be introduced and experience not only already tested and successful training processes, but also newest methods and systems in power-skating and stickhandling according to detailed analysis of game situations!

Our training processes will accentuate on the processing of the skills of power-skating, which implies maximum maneuvering in short distance of ice rink with optimum usage of pushes and width of step.

We also pay special attention to stickhandling during the power struggle and techniques of sharp and wide dribbling. IH PRO Camps will transform your playing and take it to the highest level. Our team of trainers is working strictly acconrding to the system developed by Maxim Ivanov and have massive International pro-hockey experience!

EVGENI MALKIN, Pittsburgh Penguins

“His approach and style of training are based on improving players skills and abilities that benefit modern hockey players. Max is able to bring Russian and North American styles of training to benefit players development. I can see his enthusiasm, passion and unique styles of coaching that make Max one of a kind trainer.”

SERGEI GONCHAR, Pittsburgh Penguins

“I have known Max for a long time now and have been observing his interests in modern styles of world hockey which he implements in his trainings. I can see a lot of potential in teaching these techniques to ice hockey players..
and Max does it at the highest level”