Invite IHPro Team To Your City

IH Pro Team of highly qualified trainers will gladly consider coming to your home town to produces master – classes or camps.
The team of 3-4 trainers will conduct intensive training on and off the ice in strict accordance to IH PRO Training System.

This system has proven agin and again in our work with young hockey players as well as NHL PROs!
All our trainers are continuously learning and improving their teaching skills through a unique modern system  of team coaching from the leading expert on power skating with the Pittsburgh Penguins organization – Maxim Ivanov.

Coaching on ice with continuous aid of the video analysis brings tremendous results very fast.

The IH Pro Team will also include a highly trained specialist in sports psychology, who guide the complex system of training with the participants.

To discuss with us all the details and requirements for IH PRO Team visit to your city by writing to us at at:

or by calling our representative in Russia – Igor:

7 (921) 272-22-32