IH PRO Camp | Helsinki, Finland | July 31 – August 2 , 2020


LOCATION: https://www.myllypuronjaahalli.fi/ Address: Ratasmyllynkuja 100900 Helsinki Age group: 2000 – 2014 Camp cost: 330 Euro Deposit: 130 Euro

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DATES: July 31- August 2 , 2020 LOCATION: https://www.myllypuronjaahalli.fi/ Address: Ratasmyllynkuja 100900 Helsinki Age group: 2000- 2014 Camp cost: 330 Euro Deposit: 130 Euro

IMPORTANT!    Every day :

  • 2 ice practices
  • 2 dry land practices
  • Video lessons and hockey theory
  • Lessons of the sports psychology
  • Stanley Cup IH PRO Game


  • IH PRO Jersey
  • Gifts for all participant

More Info

We invite you to take part in IH PRO INTERNATIONAL ELITE DEVELOPMENT  Camp in Helsinki Finland! You will be trained by 2 times STANLEY CUP Champion with Pittsburgh Penguins – Maxim Ivanov as well as a group of highly experienced international IH Pro TEAM of coaches.

At our camp, you will get access to the same training methods and techniques Maxim uses with NHL players.

ICE Hockey Pro coaching team is a highly qualified international group of hockey professionals from around the world. With vast experience in coaching elite hockey camps in USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria etc.. they all bring the best elements from their own, country-specific style of hockey and intense training methods.

The main goal of Ice Hockey Pro coaching system is an individual approach to each participant!

IH Pro Camp will focus on the North American style of Hockey with a special accent on developing skills of power skating. You will learn how develop maximum maneuvering in short distances by utilizing strong pushes and wide steps. Special attention will be paid to techniques of controlling puck during power struggle on ice and fast as well as wide dribbling.

During IH Pro camp you will learn:

-Various turns and stops on small areas of the rink

-How to maintain speed and balance during power struggle on ice
-explosive skating

– A fast start from standing position
-elements of power skating with resistance

-Elements of power skating with the puck

-Various types of strength training off ice specifically directed to muscles groups

-Essential for power skating
-unique techniques for stick/puck handling

What you will get from Ice Hockey Pro Camp:

-Much improved speed as a result of special intense practice sequences
-much better fast start

-You will fall less because you will have better control over your body and balance

-Much improved skating control, speed of maneuvering and agility

-Assuring usage of wide dribbling and hand positioning on the stick

-Learn fast dribbling, better focus and decision making with the puck

-Understanding the big picture of the game through detailed analyses and during theory classes

-Smart workouts off ice based on our own system for development of power, agility and stamina

Camp Schedule

The schedule will be announced soon!